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Ewha Womans University Press

Ewha Womans University Press

Ewha Womans University Press


A-4F, 527, Seongsan-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul


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Ewha Womans University Press (EUP), the nation's first university press, was founded in 1949. Its mission has been the advancement of academic communities and enlightment of Korean society by publishing scholarly writings of Korean professors and books for university students, and translating and publishing prominent writings by foreign scholars. During its early years, the EUP focused mainly on publishing and distributing university textbooks. In the mid-1970s, however, it began in earnest to diversify its academic coverage and general cultural education offerings. By the 1990s the EUP had firmly established itself as Korea's most prestigious university press in terms of both scope and quality of publications.
Among the notable EUP publications are "Ewha Academic Series" assisted by the Ewha Faculty Research Fund; "Korean Culture Series," "Ewha Research Series" and "Research Series on the Period of U.S. Military Rule" by the Korean Culture Research Institute; "Collection of Historical Records on Korean Women" and "Series on Globalization and Women" by the Korean Women's Institute; "Ewha Series for Leagal Science" by the Ewha Legal Science Institute; and "Social Welfare Research Series" by the Institute for Social Welfare Research. In general cultural education, EUP is publishing the series "Ewha Library" and "Books Opening Tomorrow." It is also publishing an array of books on specialized academic disciplines, such as children, the disabled, gender psychology, women's studies and religious culture. Since 1995 it has published theAsian Journal of Women's Studies, an English quarterly for academic articles, to keep pace with the internationalization of academic activities.
In 2004 the EUP launched Geulbit (Splendor of Writing), a popular brand specializing in highbrow literary works. In 2006 it founded the Ewha Geulbit Literary Award for Ewha students aspiring to become novelists. Since 2005 the EUP has published a series of books in Korean and English on traditional Korean culture. The bilingual project, dubbed "The Spirit of Korean Cultural Roots," explores the origin and evolution of Korean culture for international readership.
EUP's editorial planning is guided by its Steering Committee. EUP operates under an independent accounting system and observes pertinent by the regulations of the Ministry of Culture ,Sports and Tourism. It is a member of the Association of Korean University Presses, Korean Publishers Association and International Association of Scholarly Publishers.