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About Ewha

University Name

Ewha was founded by a Methodist missionary called Mary F. Scranton in 1886.
Mrs. Scranton's first-year class consisted of a single student.
But while polite society mocked the idea of trying to teach females anything other than the art of serving husband and son, King Kojong gave the enterprise his blessing.
It was King Kojong who gave the school its name in 1887, and "Ewha" means "Pear Blossoms."
The original campus was covered with them, and many historians speculate that a grove of pear trees near the Scranton home inspired the name.
The image of the pear blossom is incorporated in the school's logo.
To the early Ewha students who lived and studied in the Scranton home, the pear blossoms must have been a distinctive and memorable feature of their educational experience.