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About Ewha

Office of the President


Since its foundation in 1886 as "Ewha Haktang", Korea’s first modern educational institution for women, Ewha has been a driver of change for the women of this land. Thanks to the seeds of learning sown by Ewha, women in Korea have been able to affirm their identity as women and stand tall as full members of society, despite discrimination, prejudice, and the attempts to deny them basic human respect.

A pioneer in higher education for women in Korea that has produced female leaders in every field, at every level, while contributing to academic and social development, Ewha now faces another turning point. With the fourth industrial revolution looming over us like an enormous wave, we find ourselves today surrounded by an environment that poses daunting challenges including a rapidly changing society and dramatically rising demand for new talent in converging, cross-disciplinary fields.

As it has for well over a century, Ewha will continue to take the road less traveled while working to build a brighter future. In order to realize this vision, Ewha will enhance its capacities for education and research based on academic empowerment, create a new model for university education inspired by a thirst for challenge, and strengthen community ethics on the basis of communication and trust. In this way, we will lead future society in the right direction.

Starting with a single female student, Ewha has grown into a world-class women’s university with majors in every field including the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, medicine, and the arts. With pride in our hearts, knowing that “Ewha is like no other in the world,” we will stand at the forefront of our times and take on the challenges ahead as a female community of minds.

Kim, Heisook        
Ewha Womans University        

이화여자대학교 총장 김혜숙