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Policy Sciences

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Policy Sciences


Ewha-POSCO Building Room #210






The Graduate School of Policy Sciences was established in 1998 to nurture women professionals by providing reeducation of latest trends and theories from an academic standpoint for those working in government agencies, businesses, and other organizations.
Courses are offered in the evenings. The School is composed of three departments: Department of Public Policy, Department of Mass Communications, and Department of Archival Science. As of February 2015, approximately 500 students have graduated from the School.
The School accepts 50 students every year and as of May 2015, approximately 120 students are enrolled.

The aim of education

The Graduate School of Policy Sciences aims to enhance the professional abilities of women needing academic refresher in government agencies, businesses, and other organizations by providing education on the latest theories and trends of various fields, including politics, administration, economy, communications and archives.The detailed objectives to achieve the abovementioned goal are as follows:

  • Produce professionals in politics and administration. Also produce highly-skilled professionals who can quickly respond to increasingly globalized and digitized economic environment.
  • Produce arts administration and cultural policy professionals, who can develop and invigorate regional culture, educating ability to understand and analyze arts and culture with industrial, managerial, and administrative perspetive and proficietly adapt to diverse environment.
  • With systematic education of dynamic media environment, produce communications and public relations professionals that can skillfully handle the changing media market and policies.
  • Train archival professionals meeting the international standards, who can lead research and education of archival science and effectively manage not only existing archival material, but also adapt to the quantitative and qualitative changes of the massive production of knowledge and information in a knowledge-based society.

Policy Sciences(Department of Public Policy, Department of Arts Administration and Cultural Policy, Department of Mass Communications, and Department of Archival Science)