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Fashion Industry

Department of Fashion Industry

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Department of Fashion Industry


Human Ecology Building Room #402-3






The department of Fashion Industry aims to cultivate fashion professionals who possess competitiveness in fields of textiles and apparel. In particular, our program focuses on providing students practical with business-oriented studies and diverse opportunities to participate in industry-academic partnership research and domestic and international exchange programs. By doing so, we endeavor to foster female leaders who could lead the overall fashion industry with their creative thinking and global competitiveness.



The dept. title was changed to dept. of Fashion Industry and moved to College of Science & Industry Convergence.


Dept. of Clothing and Textiles has been moved to College of Art.


The college title was changed to dept. of Clothing and Textiles, College of Human Ecology.


The college title was changed to dept. of Clothing and Textiles, College of Home Science.


College of Home became an independent college and established dept. of Clothing and Textiles.


Domestic Subjects was firstly established in Korea.

The Aim of Education
  • Cultivating fashion experts through fashion industry specialized education which is focused on the practical fashion business activities. Students are provided with the opportunity to improve their field adaptability through the specialized education provided by the department that is focused on the actual industrial site which reflects the fragmented organizational structure.
  • Nurturing innovative individuals through integrated cross-disciplinary education by collaborating with newly established colleges, Ewha Womans University seeks to develop unique study programs and create new careers in fashion. Integrated cross-disciplinary programs promote knowledge to cultivate innovative global businesswomen.
  • trengthening global competitiveness through global networks collaboration: By utilizing global network and industrial connections with prominent overseas education institutions, Ewha Womans University offers opportunities to deepen one’s capacity and improve foreign language skills to cultivate experts with global competitiveness. By facilitating global exchanges, Ewha Womans University strives in elevating the global positioning of the Department of Clothing Industry and enrolling competent foreign individuals.
Careers and Graduate School Destination
  • Fashion Design
    Fashion designer, Fashion director, Fashion coordinator, Fashion stylist, Fashion photographer,
    Fashion art director, Fashion Illustrator, Traditional costume designer
  • Fashion Merchandising/Marketing
    Fashion Merchandiser, Vender/Buying Agent MD(MR), Buyer, Sales MD, VMD,
    Fashion PR/Advertisement Expert, Founder of Online Shoppingmalls, Clothing Company CEO
  • Clothing Construction
    Pattern designer, Modelist, Clothing production management, Technical designer, Functional clothing designer,
    Researcher at clothing research institutes
  • Textiles & Fiber Material
    Material designer, Advanced materials designer, Advanced materials development, Textile designer,
    Fiber artist, Fiber material researcher
  • Fashion Information
    Fashion & materials expert, Fashion journalist, Fashion editor, Fashion analyst, Colorist,
    Museum researcher & curator