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Content Convergence

Department of Content Convergence

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Department of Content Convergence


Physical Education Building C Room #207






The Department of Content Convergence was established aiming to develop experts of content industry through the convergence of new media technology and various cultural contents. Our program cultivates innovative individuals with universal and professional knowledge. Also, we provide career guide-lines, allowing students to plan their own career in various fields after graduation. The department of Content Convergence would be a gateway to success for female experts by offering them an opportunity to work in the content industry upon graduation.


2016. 3.

Change the title of graduate school (Division of Digital Media renamed to Department of Content Convergence)

2016. 3.

Establishment of College of Science & Industry Convergence and 1st enrollment of students

2015. 9.

Organization of the Committee for Establishment Preparation of Department of Content Convergence

2014. 9.

Selected as BK21 Plus program

2014. 11.

Organization of the Committee for Department of Content Convergence

2011. 3.

Alternation of Institute of New Media Technology to Convergence Institute of Art and Science

2007. 10.

Establishment of Ewha Digital storytelling R&D Center

2006. 4.

Selected as Funding Project for Specialized in Culture Contents Institution

2006. 3.

Selected as BK21 program

2002. 9.

Establishment of the Institute of New Media Technology

2002. 3.

Selected as personnel expanding project of IT departments supported by the Ministry of Information and Communication

2002. 3.

Establishment of division of Digital Media

The Aim of Education

We aim to cultivate leading experts in convergence-content industry through integrated cross-disciplinary education; converging humanities, design, and ICT. Especially, we focus on training students to become global leaders optimized for designing and developing IT-based cultural contents and services.

Careers and graduate school destination

Content planners, IT service planners, game designers, game scenario writers, content marketer, advertising & PR experts, UI / UX designers, media artists, software developers, program designers, project managers, data analysts