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Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Scranton Honors Program

Division of Convergence
& Interdisciplinary Studies

Division of
International Studies

Brain & Cognitive Sciences

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Brain & Cognitive Sciences


International Education Building Room #707






The Brain & Cognitive Sciences major was established in March, 2015 within the Scranton College. The Brain & Cognitive Sciences is an interdisciplinary field that draws from various disciplines to understand the brain and the mind. The Brain & Cognitive Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs.


March 2015

Establishment of the Brain & Cognitive Sciences Major, the Division of Convergence & Interdisciplinary Studies

The Aim of Education

The Brain & Cognitive Sciences major incorporates diverse fields to understand the brain and the mind. The program and the faculty are devoted to teaching the students and cultivating professionals and researchers in various fields that apply principles and concepts from brain and cognitive sciences.

  • 1. The goal of the Brain & Cognitive Sciences major is to give students deeper insight into brain sciences, through an interdisciplinary approach, covering a broad range of areas from the molecular and cellular levels to the behavior and cognitive levels. The courses are designed for students to learn about the neural mechanisms underlying cognitive processes such as perception, language, and memory, as well as brain disorders.
  • 2. It also aims to educate and prepare researchers and professionals who can apply the knowledge of brain and cognitive sciences in various fields within the society including life and applied sciences, medicine, economics, business, law, politics, and social sciences.
Careers and Graduate School Destination

Wide range of career options are available for the students in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences major including but not limited to medical school, law school, domestic/international graduate schools, careers in the government ministries related to science and technology, multinational corporations (MNC), patent attorney, financial institution, consulting firms, and government organizations.