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English Education

English Education

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English Education


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The Department of English Education was established in 1964 and aims to develop qualified English language teaching professionals who are equipped with not only language teaching skills but also advanced communication skills in English as a global language. The main mission of the English education department is to develop qualified teachers specializing in teaching English as a foreign language in secondary schools. We also allow for minor, double, and joint majors to those who wish to study other disciplines. To help students become more proficient and confident in English, the department offers small-scale language training in its state of art multimedia language laboratory. We encourage students to participate in a variety of student activities such as the annual English Workshop where they can practice their English in an immersion setting and the yearly English drama production.

The Aim of Education

The Department of English Education, pursuant with Ewha's educational philosophy which is based on Christian principles, strives to educate qualified English teachers at the secondary school level. The department also seeks to cultivate educators who will become leaders in educational fields and academic research.

To fulfill such objectives, the department sets out the following guiding principles :

  • During the first two years, emphasis is placed on acquiring basic language skills and the fundamental knowledge of English Education.
  • During the third and fourth years, students focus on the theory and practice of the major subjects related to teaching methodologies, linguistics, and literature.
  • The use of the multi-media language laboratory stresses the aural and visual aspects of foreign language learning and teaching methods.
  • Independent research and academic presentations by students are strongly encouraged.
  • In order to qualify for the comprehensive exam, towards the end of the fourth year, students must meet the officially certified language proficiency test score requirements established by the department.
  • English majors must participate in the department's English workshop.
Careers and Graduate School Destination

After graduating, students have a wide range of career options from which to choose. Alumnae of the English Education Department not only pursue careers in secondary education but also in non-profit and for-profit organizations such as embassies, public and private institutes, broadcasting stations, and domestic and multinational corporations where English proficiency is a necessity