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Special Education

Special Education

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Special Education


Education Building A Room #412






The purpose of the Department of Special Education is to cultivate teachers in special education at the preschool, elementary, and secondary school level and to educate professional human service workers in various service areas including vocational services, residential services, and other adult services. The teacher training program concentrates on developing competencies in instructing students with various defaulticaps including mental retardation, learning disabilities, physical defaulticapped conditions, visual impairments, hearing impairments, emotional or behavioral disorders, and communicative disorders.

The Aim of Education

The goals of the Department of Special Education are to :

  • Educate students to acquire the character and professionalism required as future leaders in Special Education
  • Help students understand the physical, intellectual, and psychological development of children with disabilities, and become capable of applying such knowledge to the educational process
  • Develop an understanding on the principles and theories of special education, and enhance the ability to apply such knowledge in educational process
  • Develop capacity for instruction, research, and administration in special education
  • Develop special education programs and ability to utilize educational media through the use of advanced modern technology, such as computers.
Careers and Graduate School Destination

Elementary Special Educator (need to take extra credit hours), Preschool Special Educator (need extra credit hours), Secondary Special Educator (need to take extra-curriculum courses in related subjects, such as math, social-science etc.), Special Education researcher, Special Education specialist in institutions or agencies, Graduate school, etc.