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Educational Technology

Educational Technology

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Educational Technology


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Educational technology studies human learning and aims at designing and developing effective educational programs. It seeks novel ways to solve problems related to human learning by applying and developing most appropriate hardwares and softwares for the given situations. Educational technology represents a field of study grounded in instructional theories, which utilizes scientific knowledge and skills for the purpose of improving learning and performance.

The Department of Educational Technology strives to prepare specialists who are capable of solving problems effectively and efficiently, actively adapting to future changes, and competently carrying out given assignments in work settings. Graduates of our program, equipped with professional knowledge and skills from their exposure to well-organized curriculum and training opportunities, work as leaders in their chosen field as diverse as traditional educational institutions, centers for teaching and learning in 4-year universities and colleges, e-learning solution companies, leadership and training centers in major businesses and corporations, broadcasting companies, and research institutes both domestic and overseas. Educational technology is a future-oriented study, which leads technological advances in education, improves value and productivity of education, and guides future changes in education.

The Aim of Education

Mission :
To cultivate knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for professionals in K-12, businesses and corporations, and lifelong learning in the information society of the 21st century. We focus on integrating theory and practice, development and utilization of media, knowledge and skills related to hardwares and softwares, and information and communication technologies and education in the most effective and efficient ways. design and utilization of technology in education and training

Objectives :
To cultivate a sense of responsibility and sound disposition required for professionals in K-12, businesses and corporations, and lifelong learning.
To develop knowledge and skills in learner characteristics, instructional media and technologies, teaching-learning strategies, and methods for instruction for designing most effective teaching and learning.
To build up knowledge and skills for utilizing novel technologies for educational purposes. to apply up-to-date technology to learning.
To cultivate ability to contribute in the processes and products of knowledge construction. proactive learners for knowledge-based society.
To develop ability to understand and analyze educational problems and issues and devise workable solutions to the identified problems. and educational and theoretical issue for future learning.

Careers and Graduate School Destination

Education & Training institutions, Broadcasting companies, HRD in major domestic and foreign business sectors, e-learning businesses, Elementary and secondary schools, Education consulting companies