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Elementary Education

Elementary Education

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Elementary Education


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The Department of Elementary Education was first established at Ewha University in 1958. It was then established as an elementary education major under the Department of Education. Recognizing the importance of elementary education as a foundation for basic competency and core values of an individual, the elementary education major was upgraded to the Department of Elementary Education in 1991.

This was an unprecedented move, because, at the time, most people became elementary school teachers by simply taking several courses at an educational institution. Ewha's Department of Elementary Education played a vital role in changing the teachers' training system from the normal school to the 2-year teacher's college and later the 4-year, college of education. Thus, it became the norm for elementary school teachers to be educated in four-year college programs. We are also taking the lead in the academic development of this discipline through introducing master's degree and doctoral degree programs at the graduate level, and offering graduate courses to teachers who are already teaching at elementary schools.

The Aim of Education

The Department of Elementary Education places emphasis on "creative thinking" and "love for children" in order to train elementary school teachers who can exercise educational leadership in the 21st century.
In order to reach realize this vision, we've established the following four goals :

  • First, develop a personal philosophy on education.
  • Second, develop expertise in elementary education.
  • Third, strive to become elementary school teachers with a sense of professionalism.
  • Fourth, become aware of the many things it means to be an elementary school teacher.
Careers and Graduate School Destination

Upon completing the requisite courses, graduates of the Department of Elementary Education obtains the national licensure for elementary teacher. To be an elementary school teacher in public schools, graduates may apply for the teacher's employment test. With the university’s double-major policy, one may get double or triple licensures (e.g., early childhood education, elementary education, and/or secondary education) from other departments in the College of Education, as well as degrees for other majors outside of the College of Education.