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Fashion Design

Fashion Design

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Fashion Design


Arts & Design Building A Room #301





The courses are designed to train students to become professionals who can be leaders in the field, either in education or in the industry. In order to meet the aesthetic demands of modern society, students will develop originality and skill to combine both functional and formal elements of clothing and fashion.

In addition, they will learn to deal with various issues such as characteristics of the human form, problems of fashion and art, cultural and economic functions of the fashion industry, and special qualities and modern interpretation of traditional Korean garments.



Founded the Costume Design Major in the Division of Decorative Art


Moved to School of Design in the College of Arts and Design


Name changed to Fashion Design Major

The Aim of Education

The Fashion Design major is focused on establishing a foundation of design theory and developing artistic creativity through practice. The goal is to train students to help them develop into specialists in the fashion art and the design industry.

  • Nurture artistic knowledge, creative awareness, and expressiveness in fashion design through systemic education in foundational courses for basic design and in-major subjects.
  • The Fashion Design Research Institute provides students with on-the-job training through industry cooperation.
  • Develop an ability to deal with various issues related to fashion design such as characteristics of the human form, environmental issues from a design point of view, fashion and art, and fashion industry’s role in the economy. Also, by learning to solve problems through a multi-angle approach, enable students to create designs that reflect socio-cultural and aesthetic values.
  • By fulfilling the above stated goals, develop students to be leaders of fashion design education and fashion design industry.

Careers and Graduate School Destination

Fashion Designer, Fashion Director, Fashion Editor, Fashion Show Producer, Costume Designer, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Photographer, Fashion Illustrator, Fashion MD, Accessory Designer, Fashion Advertising.