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Korean Music

Korean Music

sns 이메일 홈페이지 이동
Korean Music


Music Building Room #300-A






The Korean Music major which was created in 1974 aims for encouraging education, raising artistry about the traditional ethnic music and the nourishment of talented women who have led the Korean music world. In addition, the master's course was established in 1978 on a purpose of producing special human resources of Korean music field, and the doctoral course was established in 1988. In 2007, the majors of the Korean Music were reorganized by an alteration of a major system with the launch of Art College. Currently, the majors significantly consist of musical instruments, vocal, theory of traditional music, and composition. The musical instruments are subdivided into eight majors ; Gayageum, Geomungo, Haegeum, Daegeum, Piri, Ajaeng, Sogeum, Danso and there are also four majors in vocal ; Korean Art songs, Pansory, Folk Music of Kyong-so Provinces, Gayageum Byungchang.



Korean Music major established


Master's program established


Ph.D. program established

The Aim of Education

The Korean Music major academically makes a study of the traditional music of Koreans and professionally improves the skills. In addition, the department of Korean Music major aims for cultivating music educators and special women musicians who contribute to the world music through re-creation of the traditional music as well as commitment to the development of Korean traditional music

Careers and Graduate School Destination

Some of the Department's alumnae have performed in the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts that is a professional performance organization, or in different cultural organizations and small-scale chamber groups. Some graduates have gone on to active careers as teachers or instructors in arts organizations. Moreover, the graduates can educate the younger generation by learning more perceptive studies in a postgraduate school or studying abroad, and can display their abilities in multiple fields related to music such as musical magazines, broadcasting, etc.