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Music Building Room #300-A






The Composition major is devoted to educating able and creative women by studying various aspects of music through scientific methods of music education. Once a week, each student receives a private lesson in theory and practice.

Through the study of musical analysis, counterpoint, orchestration, contemporary music, and other allied courses, each student learns the techniques necessary to develop her own originality in composing music. In addition to being tested for requisite piano proficiency upon entrance to the university, students are trained not only in reading, listening, and playing of music, but also in areas such as score reading and class instrument.

Every Thursday, all composition majors meet to perform their original compositions, which are analyzed and assessed in groups. Students have the opportunity to listen to prominent guest lecturers and take part in various extracurricular activities. Depending on the their ability, students also have the opportunity to perform original compositions in open recitals.



Composition major established


The Theory Major in the Composition Department established

The Aim of Education

The purpose of the Music Composition Major is to equip students with professional knowledge to carry out creative activities as a composer and a theorist
For this purpose, we teach the following.

  • The fundamentals of music theory and practice, related to the needs of creativity as a musician.
  • An advanced analysis of distinctive works in each period, with emphasis on their unique characteristics and its relationship to composition.
  • A theoretical and analytical study of contemporary music materials with emphasis on the analysis of individual works written since middle of the twentieth century.
  • Department recital and regular concerts give students an opportunities to evaluate their own works.
  • A defaults-on study of computer music allows students to develop a familiarity with current technology in various musical field and in music technology.
Careers and Graduate School Destination

Graduating from the Composition major offers various possibilities and opportunities: composer, theorist, researcher, critic, college professor, middle and high school teacher, private music academy instructor, sound director, journalist, accompanist, and conductor.