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Architectural and Urban Systems Engineering

Architectural & Urban Systems Engineering

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Architectural & Urban Systems Engineering


Asan Engineering Builiding #311-2






Architectural & Urban Systems Engineering provides wide ranges of lectures, lab practices, and on-site job training programs related to life time procedures needed for building and urban systems such as development, engineering design, construction, management, repair, maintenance. Students of the department are trained as creative professionals who can lead the future industries with core and integrated engineering knowledges. Especially, curriculum contains high valued technologies needed in our society; smart green buidling and urban systems, new renewable energy, disaster response system, building and urban performance improvement, etc.



Established under the college of natural sciences


Changed under the college of engineering


Integrated with the department of environment engineering


Reformulation academic system, as the department of architecture under engineering school


Reformulation of the academic system; as architecturalengineering department with architectural design and architectiral engineering subdivision


Establishment of the college of architecture with architectural engineering and architectural design subdivision


Acquisition of engineering education accreditation certificate


Acquisition of engineering education accreditation certificate 2011


Acquisition of engineering education accreditation certificate 2013


Acquisition of engineering education accreditation certificate 2015


Architectural Engineering renamed the Architectural & Urban Systems Engineering of Division of Sustainable Systems Engineering

The Aim of Education

The aim is to nurture professionals who can lead the informatization and globalization in the overall architectural and urban systems engineering field, and to satisfy the social demands amidst the rapid changes in the industry’s structure. The educational objectives are as follows :

  • Be talented who are creative in application, with the basics and theories on architectural and urban systems engineering.
  • Understand the problems of the industry and be equipped with the practical skills to analyze and solve challenging problems.
  • Develop and maintain the ethics and responsibility as leading professional engineers contributing to the national economy.
  • Understand the principles and attitudes of leadership, recognizing the need for collaboration and communication skills
  • Actively handle the rapidly globalizing and competitive society with integrated knowledges.
Requirement for ABEEK

ABEEK degree candidate must complete the required course work for each curriculum and the extracurricular activities according to each major.

Careers and Graduate School Destination

The number of students entering the architectural engineering field is increasing, as the changes in the industry and efforts to create higher added value in the fields of structural design, setting/facility design, business management (budget, official regulation, organization), etc, are in need of the attention and precise management skills pertaining to women. Moreover, graduates are not only entering the traditional architecture sector, but also new fields such as patent attorney positions, law school, and real estate development.
Since graduated Alummni have been working in various types of industries; Construction & Engineering companies / Structural engineering company / Mechanical engineering company / CM(Const. Mgmt.) & FM(Facility Mgmt.) companies / REITs / Development companies (Domestic and Overseas) / Research institutes (Construction business, Construction technology, City development, etc) / Public Corporations (Real Estate, Land Development, Construction Management, Infrastructure Safety&Technology, Energy Management etc) / Government official, Patent Attorney /Eco-friendly Architecture Consulting Firm/Civil Servent/Others (Higher Education, Overseas Study, etc)