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Computer Science and Engineering

Division of Software Science and Engineering Computer Science and Engineering

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Division of Software Science and Engineering Computer Science and Engineering


Asan Engineering Building Room #230






The Department of Computer Science & Engineering provides students with opportunities for advanced studies and research in computer science and engineering, training them for a variety of careers in the computer industry. Women are well suited for computer-related fields, where meticulousness and creativity are required. The outlook for computer-related fields is bright, especially with the expanding role of the internet in our everyday life.

The department is equipped with cutting edge equipments and its learning and research - covering most of the generally known IT fields - are overseen by highly competent faculty. Students are trained to take leading roles in the computer science and engineering sectors once they graduate. They receive a high level of education in computer software, multimedia, information communication system, etc, through on-site experience which reflects the changing demands of the industry, and also by designing projects Moreover, the department employs industry experts as adjunct professors in order to keep up with the latest technical trends of the industry.



Establishment of the Department of Computer Science in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Transferred to the College of Natural Sciences


Master's Degree Program introduced


Doctoral Degree Program introduced


Transferred to the College of Engineering


Renamed the Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Transferred to the Division of Computer and Electronic Engineering
Graduate School of Science and Technology Graduate School change from Natural Science changes part


Transferred to the Division of Engineering in the College of Engineering


Transferred to the Division of Information & Communication Engineering in the College of Engineering
Renamed Computer Science and Information & Communications Engineering Major


Transferred to the Division of Computer & Electronics Engineering in the College of Engineering
Renamed Computer Science and Engineering Major
Computer Science & Engineering changes from Computer Information and Communication Engineering


Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea Business Launch


Computer Science and Engineering 30TH Anniversary


Seoul Accord Activation Business Launch

The Aim of Education
Goal (Mission)

The department's goal is to produce global professional leaders who are equipped with superior management abilities to deal with the convergence of various IT technologies. The department also strives to equip students with comprehensive technological skills in the field of information and communication services, building and managing information, information networking, multimedia information, and mobile internet information.


- Nurturing professionals through systematic studies of the theories and basics of computer science and engineering.
- Fostering talents who can actively solve problems with creativity and practical application skills.
- Providing the talents needed in the industry, with the practical skills in the overall computer science and engineering
- Educating professionals who can practice leadership with ethical and social responsibility.
- Training engineers with the discernment and competitiveness to lead the global era.

To this end, various courses are being launched, including Computer and Embedded System, Computer Languages and Software, Information Communication Engineering (Network), Operating Systems, Data Structures, Computer Algorithms, Database, Computer application programings, Graphics, Multimedia System Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Information Security, Software Engineering, and Internet Applications. The department also encourages participation in competitions and runs internship programs to integrate in-class education with on-site experience.

Careers and Graduate School Destination
  • Major Companies - Samsung Electronics/SDS/EDI, Hyundai Electronics/Information Technology, LG
  • Foreign & Domestic IT Companies - IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sambo Computer, Fujitsu Korea, etc.
  • IT Companies - Korea Telecom, Dacom, Freechal, Daum, Lucent Technology
  • Venture Businesses
  • Research Institutes - ETRI, National Information Society Agency, Corporation Institutes
  • Financial Institutions - Banks, Securities, Insurance, etc.
  • Media Organizations - KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS, CATV, Newspaper and Magazine Publishers
  • Higher Education - Ewha Womans University, KAIST, Seoul National University, POSTECH, Information and Communications University Graduate School, College Professor following overseas study in the U.S., Japan, Europe, etc
  • Others - Higher Civil Service Technical Exam, Patent attorney, Journalist, Computer instructor, Government official, etc.