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Social Welfare

Social Welfare

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Social Welfare


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The Department of Social Welfare at Ewha Womans University was founded in 1947 and started the very first formal social work education in Korea at the post-secondary institution. Our department has received excellent recognitions from various evaluations since 1999 and gained great accomplishments with the government sponsored BK21 project which lasted for seven years since 2006. One of the accomplishments with the BK21 project was setting up the first social work master’s degree program in Cambodia in collaboration with the Royal University of Phnom Pehn to train local Cambodian students to be professional social workers. With such achievements and experience, we are once again ready to admit undergraduate and graduate students interested in social welfare and to train them to become excellent professionals with a firm foundation in the field of social welfare.

Social welfare is a practice-oriented discipline pursuing to enhance people’s wellbeing and the future based on understanding of human behavior and social environment. Our undergraduate program has a curriculum to provide education that promptly meets the demands of our time and the field by ensuring: (1) to provide the highest quality education; (2) to enhance the global capacity of students; (3) to fortify creative interdisciplinary approaches; (4) to strengthen the adaptability of classroom knowledge in the field; and (5) to enhance leadership and communication skills.  Our graduate program includes a curriculum to produce leaders of our time by ensuring: (1) to provide the highest quality graduate education; (2) to strengthen global leadership; (3) to develop social work practice skills in the field; and (4) to cultivate research capacity.

Our Department strives to lay a firm academic foundation in the field of social welfare and to serve as the forerunner of social work education. 



Social welfare education offered for the 1st time in Korea under the name of "Dept. of Christian Social Work"


Renamed as "Dept. of Religious Work"


Renamed as "Dept. of Social Work," offering two majors-Christian education and social work


Establish the first community welfare center


"Christian education major" became independent; “social work major” advanced to "Dept. of Social Work"


Started the Graduate program


Started Doctoral program


Established Graduate School of Social Welfare


Renamed as "Dept. of Social Welfare"


Evaluated "Excellent" in the field of "Prof. and Finances" by Chung-Ang Daily and won an honor prize of "College and Graduate School" from 'Evaluation of Univ. Education Assoc'


Established the Graduate School of Social Welfare(professional school) and stopped admitting undergraduate majors


Established the Master of Arts in Social Work program at the Royal University of Phnom Penh in Cambodia


Established Ewha Social Services in Cambodia
Evaluated “Excellent” for the 6-year review for BK21
Selected as International Cooperation heading University(Ministry of Education)


Re-established the undergraduate program in Social Welfare; started admitting undergraduate majors
Department of Social Welfare the Graduate School has been chosen as a BK21 Plus Project Team by the National Research Foundation of Korea in September, 2013

The Aim of Education

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program aims to train professional and competent social workers required by our society ensuring that they have a good understadning of social science and behavioral science and apply it for the sake of humanity. To that end, the undergraduate program emphasizes, first, cultivation of necessary quality as students in social science; second, provision of professional social work knowledge and skills; and third, development of capabilities to address problems in the community by applying knowledge and skills learned in classroom.

Graduate Program

The graduate program aims to produce researchers, educators and professional social workers. In particular, the master’s program attempts to cultivate professional social workers equipped with knowledge and skills that would allow for effective interventions in individual, family, community and social realms, while the doctoral program seeks to produce leaders, analysts, strategists, researchers and educators in social welfare who can contribute in promoting social welfare both as a discipline and in real life. To this end, the graduate program emphasizes, first, to foster professional social work knowledge, practice skills, and capacities required by the field; second, to cultivate capabilities to conduct in-depth social welfare research; third, to strengthen field-specific intense education and research to generate highly qualified professionals in various fields of social welfare; and fourth, to produce professional women social workers with global leadership enhanced through participation in international exchanges and cooperation. 

Careers and Graduate School Destination

A number of alumni are now social workers at various institutions while many others have passed state exams to serve in the government specializing in social welfare administration or program. In addtion, many of our graduates are working as researchers or scholars.

Research Institute
Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, Korean Women’s Development Institute, The Seoul Institute, Seoul Welfare Foundation, Gyeonggi Welfare Foundation, Gyeonggi Research Institute (Position : Research Worker)

Welfare Foundation
Samsung Welfare Foundation, GS Welfare Foundation, Asan Welfare Foundation, Eland Welfare Foundation (Position : Social Worker)

Community Welfare Center
Community Welfare Center, Community Senior Welfare Center, Community Rehabilitation Center, Health Family Support Center Position : Social Worker)

General hospital, Health Center, Mental Health Center
(Position : Psychiatric Social Worker, Medical Social Worker)

Nursery, Elementary SchoolㆍMiddle SchoolㆍHigh School 
(Position : School Social Worker, Director)

Government officials
Assembly, Ministry of Health and Welfare, City HallㆍCountry OfficeㆍBorough Office, Community Center
(Position : Central Government Public Official, Local Government Public Official, Congressperson Assistant, Expert Member)

World Vision, Good Neighbors, Stop Hunger For Kids, Save the Children Korea, Child Fund Position : Social Worker)

All parts of the country NationalㆍPublicㆍPrivate University (Position : Professor)

Degree Course
Degree Course







Combined Master's
and Doctoral Program



Social Welfare