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Public Administration

Public Administration

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Public Administration


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The Department of Public Administration's program has been established to prepare students for careers in policy arenas with high-level expertise. The program provides students with substantive knowledge, analytical skills, and ethical foundation needed for public leadership.

The accelerated instructional program enables students to complete the combined bachelor’s degree and master degree programs in five years, instead of the normal six.


The Department of Public Administration established in 1981 as part of the College of Law and Politics.

The Master's Degree program of Public Administration established in 1984

The Doctoral Degree program of Public Administration established in 1985

The department moved to the College of Social Sciences in 1996.

The Aim of Education

The Department of Public Administration was established in 1981 to train leaders for work in the public and private sectors. In order to achieve this goal, the department offers courses to help students :

  • Acquire understanding in theory and practice that are necessary for a professional career and to serve people as government officials.
  • Prepare for various examinations necessary to become a high-level civil servant.
Careers and Graduate School Destination
  • Public Administration graduates can work in the public and private sector in policy-related area, general management, general administrative and personnel management, planning and analysis, and budget-related work. Graduates may also defaultle policy and administrative work in their field of expertise. Modern organizations, regardless of the type, requires well-rounded individuals with vision, judgement, business skills, wide personal network, and ability to deal with changes. The Department of Public Administration's program is a practical academic program that meets such needs of the modern times. Graduates of Public Administration work in various organizations, such as government agencies, private companies, and other professions.
  • Government agencies: central and local administrative bodies, courts and prosecutor's offices, the National Assembly Secretariat, election commissions, tax offices, etc.
  • Public corporations: Korea Electric Power Corp., Korea Telecom Corp., Korea Highway Corp., Korea Water Resources Corp., Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corp.
  • Research institutes: Seoul Development Institute, Korea Research Institute for Local Administration, Information and Communication Institute, etc.
  • Private enterprises: large and medium-sized corporations, foreign corporations, etc.
  • Financial Organizations: banks, foreign investment companies, insurance companies, Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives, agricultural, livestock, and fisheries cooperatives, etc.
  • Media Organizations: national and local newspapers, broadcasting companies, etc.
  • Academic sector: college professors, administrative staff, etc.
  • Upon completing the teaching certification program, students can teach in professional schools. In addition, our graduates are actively working as professional designers, art journalists, curators and are engaged in the art industry in many different ways.
  • Others: tax accountants, paralegals, customs brokers, insurance brokers, adjusters, etc.