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College of Science & Industry Convergence


Physical Education Building C Room #207





In this ever so fast changing society, the necessity for converged academic disciplines that can provide the basis and insights to lead the future industry is in strong demand. Driven by the cutting edge technologies and demographic transitions, creative and innovative professionals equipped with converged competence are desired in the industries engaged in improving overall life quality.

In 2016, College of Science and Industry Convergence has been established to provide a versatile interdisciplinary educational model. The College consists of 6 majors (Contents Convergence, Fashion industry, International Office Administration, Kinesiology & Sports Studies, Nutritional Science & Food Management, and Health Convergence) which are the foundational academic fields of smart living industry. One of the main goals is to foster students with high potentials to become outstanding woman professionals in the global industries of contents, fashion, MICE, sports, food service and health care by educating the students to achieve integrated intellectual capacities of science, ICT, art, and humanities and by exposing them to industrial experience in advance.

To fulfill the mission of our college, intense industry oriented educational training programs are developed to resolve the industrial mismatch in demand and supply of human resource due to the change in future social environments. The college offers an education-research-job career interlinked educational programs. The students trained through these programs will receive interdisciplinary convergence ICT based education, conduct industrial demand based research, and experience industry tailored field education. Ultimately the students will be prepared as the pioneering leader in the field of future life related industry.



College of Science and Industry Convergence was established.
Department of Content Convergence was established
Department of Fashion Industry was affiliated to College of Science and Industry Convergence
Department of International Office Administration was affiliated to College of Science and Industry Convergence
Department of Kinesiology and Sports Studies was affiliated to College of Science and Industry Convergence
Department of Nutritional Science and Food Management was affiliated to College of Science and Industry Convergence
Department of Health Convergence was affiliated to College of Science and Industry Convergence

The Aims of Education
  • 01equip individuals with healthy personality and converged competence of humanitarian creativity, design engineering, ICT ability through comprehensive understanding of interdisciplinary knowledge of new industry.
  • 02To produce globally competent specialists who have the insights and capability of pioneering new industries in the global market through intense training of communication skills and promoting of international education programs.
  • 03To train students to acquire practical sense of the industry by offering industry tailored track and internships so that in due course students will accomplish resilient competencies of both basic & applied disciplines, of generalist & specialist, and of global & local perspicacity.