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Women's Empowerment Is Key To Progress
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton held a town-hall meeting with more than 2,000 Ewha students at Welch-Ryang Auditorium, on February 20th(Friday 2:30 PM).

More than 2,000 students and 1,000 guests all rose to give a welcome applause to Secretary Clinton as she entered the stage. The meeting exceeded the scheduled time due to the enthusiastic atmosphere.

In advance to special lecture, Secretary Clinton received the title of 'Distinguished Honorary Ewha Fellow' which was to recognize Secretary Clinton for opening a new era in women's participation in public affairs through her political involvement including candidacy of the Democratic Party for the U.S. presidential election and extraordinary contributions to the cause of human rights and the protection of the interests of women, children, and the family.

After receiving the title with a plaque, she gave a special lecture on 'Women's Empowerment.' She initiated the lecture by mentioning that 'visiting Ewha and becoming an Ewha Fellow was her destiny' for she and Ewha share a connection. She is a Methodist, her family is from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and the founder of Ewha is Ms. Scranton, and Wellesley College, her alma mater, is a sister college for Ewha Womans University.

During the lecture, she said, "It is essential to keep in mind security and prosperity and the role that each of us must play and that we need all of our people’s talents to be on the very forefront of setting a course of peace, progress, and prosperity." She also said to the students, "You have the talent and the training to help shape that world" and encouraged students saying, "Do what you love. Do what gives you meaning. Do what makes life purposeful for you. And make a contribution."

There were a lot of questions from the student audience during the Q&A session. When asked how she handled difficulties and obstacles, she emphasized 'Discipline of Gratitude' and said, "No matter how difficult a day can be or a problem may be, find something to be grateful for every day." She also asked the students to 'Dare to Compete' although sometimes the challenges we face everyday seem hard to overcome.

When asked a question about her campus life in Wellesley College, she said, "Graduates of women’s colleges went to professional schools and into business and into academia at a much higher percentage than women graduates of co-ed universities. I think we need women’s colleges like Ewha and Wellesley to provide an alternative for young women and to provide supportive environment that I certainly found when I went to Wellesley and that I think many of you find here to help prepare you for the future."

Secretary Clinton generously allocated the time for Ewha in spite of a very tight schedule in Korea. With more than 2,000 Ewha students participating, this meeting was the largest organized event in her current tour of Asian countries. More than 150 people gathered outside the auditorium to welcome Secretary's visit and 200 students gathered in the student cafeteria to watch the live broadcasting of the lecture.