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the 4th EGEP (Ewha Global Empowerment Program)

On July 16th, Ewha held the closing ceremony of ‘the 4th EGEP (Ewha Global Empowerment Program)’, a program created to empower women working in non-governmental public sectors in Asia and Africa. The closing ceremony marked the successful completion of the program.

EGEP is a short-term intensive education program which Ewha introduced first among domestic universities in January 2012 to support female NGO activists. The program has gained much interest due to its reported admission rate of 10 to 1 this year. Based on this, the 4th EGEP was expanded from Asia to include participants from both Asia and Africa.

President Kim encouraged EGEP participants, saying, “I’m sure that you will advance and have had many enriching new experiences here at Ewha. Perhaps your greatest achievement is the strong friendships and solidarity you have formed here. Supporting each other, you will together continue to make progress and create more equal societies in your home countries and around the world.

The two-week program began on July 3rd, and included ten invited lecturers from seven countries including Prof. Chang Pilwha, the director of Asian Center for Women’s Studies, Prof. Hyeon Kyeong, Professor at Union Theological Seminary in New York, and Prof. Abha Bhaiya, Jagori, a feminist activist. This edition of EGEP attracted much attention from the media due to its focus on broad multi-disciplinary education.

Ms. Erna Ratnaningsih, an EGEP participant leading the Indonesian Association of Legal Aid Societies for Women, said, “Thanks to EGEP, I have been able to form a strong network here with other activists. I hope to create a new network based on activities and information related to women’s rights when I return to Indonesia.”