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13th Kim Okgill Memorial Lecture

On November 22, Ewha held the 13th Kim Okgill Memorial Lecture at the LG Convention Hall under the theme of “Beyond the Market Society: Community Economies and Gender.” Organized by the Korean Women’s Institute, the lecture was arranged to point out problems related to capitalism and to discuss various community economies as alternatives and their prospects.


In the lecture, Katherine Gibson, an Australian women’s studies scholar who has studied globalization and non-market community economies from a feminist viewpoint, provided a special lecture titled “Take Back the Economy: Ethics and Methods for Constituting Community Economies.” After Professor Gibson’s lecture, Sisters’ Garden Plot, a Korean women peasants’ community, Hanbat LETS, and Center for Grassroots Empowerment, under the theme of “Experiments of New Community Economies,” presented their experiences in the efforts to realize community economies.


The Kim Okgill Memorial Lecture has been annually held since 2001 to provide special learning opportunities to today’s youth in memory of Kim Okgill, the 8th president of Ewha who devoted her life to women’s education and social justice.