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About Ewha


Campus View of Ewha Womans University

One Shall not forget to mention the charm of Ewha. It makes this campus a unique place for study. Ewha is built on rolling hills in the centre of Seoul, a suspended garden where all the attractions of Korean nature are present. Ancient trees, regular plantations of gingkos, surround modern high rises and century-old brick and granite buildings, linking the first year of the University to modern times. During my stays, I have wandered over its alley, climbed upon the pine tree-covered summits, up to the delightful hidden spot in the middle of the beautiful trees. Those were meditative or sportive strolls, and then I walked down towards the rumour of the town, before getting back to solitary work in my room at the seventh floor of the Residence. The fine drizzling rainy days were especially delicate, as all the leaves would shine with moving drops and in autumn each step I took was among splendour. Indeed Ewha, meaning 'pear blossom' deserves its name of a flower. Nature is the ultimate protector of this kingdom of intellect and knowledge, perhaps because nature is in harmony with the mission of liberty and peace - or could it be because the taste for beauty and the love of nature is part of the philosophy of Ewha Womans University?

- J.M.G. Le Clezio, <EWHA: An Invitation>