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Ewha Award Ceremony for “2023 Excellent Safety Management Laboratory”

  • Date2024.03.13
  • 23219

The university held the Award Ceremony for “Excellent Safety Management Laboratory” on February 26, 2024, at 4 p.m. in the Main Hall Reception Room, to establish a safe laboratory environment on campus and promote safety awareness. 

2023학년도 교내 우수안전연구실 시상식 개최 The awarded Research Laboratories are as follows: The Protein Research Lab (led by Professor Cha Sun-shin) and the Molecular Design Lab (led by Professor Jean Bouffard) of the Department of Chemistry and Nano Science, the Environmental Water Treatment Process Engineering Lab (led by Professor Park Chan-hyuk) of the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Microbiology Lab (led by Professor Woo So-youn) of the College of Medicine, and the Hepatotoxicity Lab (led by Professor Seo Won-hyo) of the College of Pharmacy. 

The Office of Facilities Management selected 5 laboratories among 658 laboratories on campus in 2023 according to the criteria of safety education (point deductions if the lab director did not complete the required education) as well as safety inspections (results of precise safety diagnosis and regular inspections, improvement of identified problems, results of safety inspections, rate of daily inspections, etc.). The selected laboratories were given the title of “Excellent Safety Management Laboratory” and plaques will be displayed at the entrance of the lab, along with a monetary reward.

The award ceremony was attended by Chairman of Ewha Laboratory Safety Committee and Vice President of Academic Affairs Shin Kyung-shik, President of the Office of Facilities Management Wang Hye-jung, President of the Office of University Planning and Coordination Do Jae-hyung, President of the Office of General Administration Jung Duk-yoo, Vice President of the Office of Facilities Management Lee Hee-jin. The ceremony proceeded with the motivational speech delivered by Vice President Shin Kyung-shik, a report delivered by Wang Hye-jung, the presentation of the awards, plaques and prizes, and the award acceptance speech. Vice President Shin Kyung-shik stated, “We all know safety is important, but it is difficult to have constant interest in maintaining safety. I express my gratitude to those who made efforts to maintain safety in the laboratories.”

2023학년도 교내 우수안전연구실 시상식 개최 The university continues to conduct regular safety education and inspections of research laboratories and has been awarding 3 laboratories each year since 2009 with the title of “Excellent Safety Management Laboratory” to enhance safety awareness and provide rewards to appreciate safety environment improvements. In particular, in 2023, 7 research laboratories obtained certification through the Excellent Safety Management Laboratory Certification System by the Ministry of Science and ICT, confirming Ewha’s excellent safety management capabilities. In 2024, Ewha will continue efforts to educate new researchers and lab managers by sharing recent accident cases on campus to prevent any accidents from happening.