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Division of Communication & Media Successfully Concluded the Workshop Titled K-Wave Night: K-Content and Global Fandom

  • Date2023.11.10
  • 9952

Division of Communication & Media Successfully Concluded the Workshop Titled K-Wave Night: K-Content and Global Fandom

Meeting the future of global K-content: Division of Communication & Media successfully concluded the workshop titled K-Wave Night: K-Content and Global Fandom

Division of Communication & Media (Chair: Seung-Chul Yoo) held the 2023 division workshop K-content and Global Fandom at Lee San Bong Hall in the ECC on November 3rd. Junwon Choi (president of Weverse Company, a global live-streaming platform), Wuyeol Jeon (CEO of VentaVR, a global three-dimensional VR producing studio), and Dongyoon Nam (PD at CJ ENM, a K-pop powerhouse) joined as speakers and shared their work experiences in producing global content and industry insights. They also answered questions from more than 250 students.

The first speaker, President Choi from Weverse Company, began his speech with a question. Why did an entertainment company make a platform? From the keyword boundless, he explained how extending content enables the platform's innovation. “Content and fandom are all about boundless extension of experiences,” emphasized President Choi. CEO Jeon from VentaVR gave a speech on how the meeting of K-pop and technology changed fandom. He introduced how the three-dimensional VR content optimized for K-pop content could address issues in other VR videos. Sharing how he met the needs of K-Pop fandom and VR machine users, he emphasized that the future of global content is in immersive media technology. PD Nam from CJENM gave a speech titled “Music-like Heart, Documentary-like Head.” He talked about the role of PD in the changing landscape of the media industry and important factors in planning content. He also suggested a path K-content should follow, sharing how he planned and produced the content for global fans with details.

In the Conversation with the Speakers session, hosted by Professor Jiyoung Kang at Division of Communication & Media, students could ask questions to the speakers, and the speakers answered with sincerity and in-depth insights. In Conversation with Your Mentor session, followed by the Q&A session, students at each major track had a mentoring time with Communication & Media Division alumni members. Students could explore various career paths and gain practical advice during the session.

Cooperating with various academic and industrial institutions, such as engineering and design majors, Division of Communication & Media will launch more projects to popularize K-Culture across the globe.