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Art Therapy Education Major at the Graduate School of Education Celebrated its 10th Anniversary

  • Date2023.11.03
  • 9816

본교 교육대학원 미술치료교육전공이 창립 10주년을 맞아 10월 27일(금), 28일(토) 양일에 걸쳐 제1회 이화 아트테라고지 학술제 및 전시회를 개최했다. 교육관 김애마홀과 대형강의실에서 열린 본 행사에는 박은혜 교육대학원장, 교육대학원 교수진, 미술치료교육전공 재학생 및 졸업생 등 120여 명이 참석했다. 박은혜 교육대학원장은 축사를 통해 “이화여자대학교 교육대학원이 예술 교육 및 예술 치료교육 분야에서 국내외의 선도적인 위치를 차지하게 된 데에는 미술치료교육전공의 기여가 크다”라며 재학생과 졸업생, 교수진들의 노고를 치하했다. 

Dean of the Graduate School of Education, Eunhye Park, delivering her congratulatory speech | With participants of the seminar

On the first day of the Ewha Art Theragogy Seminar, Professor Chunshan Sandie Yi from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago delivered a keynote address and Professor Katie O'Neill gave a lecture titled “Is it Mad Art or Art Therapy? Representing Mad Symptomatologies in Performance, Painting, and Video Art” under the theme of Re-imagining Bodymind: Disability Studies Informed Art Therapy Practice. On the second day, Professor Jiyeong Jeon, a graduate of Art Therapy Education Major, hosted a creative art workshop and a networking event for students at Kim Emma Hall.

Creative Art Workshop | Draw Art Therapy

Along with the seminar, the exhibition titled Draw Art Therapy took place in Kim Emma Hall at the Education Building, showcasing thirty-nine pieces of artwork by students and alumni members of Art Therapy Education Major. The exhibition served as a venue for spotlighting the artistic capacity of the students and graduates, as well as raising awareness about art therapy.

Founded in March 2013, Art Therapy Education Major has 248 graduates as of now in 2023. The alumni members work as art therapists in various places, such as schools, hospitals, social service centers, dementia care centers, and private counseling centers.