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Career Development Center Signed an MOU with Renault Korea Motors for Industry-academia Cooperation

  • Date2023.05.22
  • 11340

Mutual cooperation for nurturing female talents for industry development 

Field experience programs in HR, R&D, and purchasing jobs begin as of the 2023 summer break

Career Development Center (Director: Jeeyon Paek) signed an MOU with Renault Korea Motors for industry-academia cooperation on May 18th (Thu.) for mutual cooperation to nurture female talents for industry development and facilitate shared development.

This MOU allows the cooperation of Ewha Womans University and Renault Korea Motors for mutual education, as well as running field experience programs for nurturing female talents including professional internships and mentoring programs. 

Many people including Director Jeeyon Paek (Career Development Center), Professor Jangwook Lee (Business Administration), Professor Suhyun Park (Electronic and Electrical Engineering), Renault Korea Motors CEO Stéphane Deblaise, Chief of Renault Technology Korea Seong-gyu Choi, Director of the HR team Jeongwan Park, and Communication Director Haeho Park attended the signing ceremony.

“We cannot agree more with Renault Korea Motor’s emphasis on the importance of female talents in the auto industry, in which cutting-edge technologies are developed and utilized altogether. As the first educational institution to establish a college of engineering for women, we are very pleased to share such a vision with Renault Korea Motors,” said Director Paek. CEO Deblaise said, “Renault Korea Motors is a female-friendly company where a lot of women work in various divisions including engineering, business administration, and education.” He also added, “I hope this MOU can be an opportunity for more female talents to build their careers in the cutting-edge industry.”

After the signing ceremony, the information session for recruitment and field experience programs took place. Starting with CEO Deblaise’s speech and company introduction, the session offered useful information to job-seeking students about the company’s plan for recruitment in the second half of the year, summer field experience programs exclusive to Ewha students, and many more.

Career Development Center has signed MOUs with multiple global companies for industry-academia cooperation and offered various opportunities for students, such as internships and mentoring programs, as a springboard for female talents to build their careers in the cutting-edge knowledge industries.