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Jung Ik-Joong, Professor of the Department of Social Welfare, Receiving the Service Merit Medal

  • Date2022.05.06
  • 7208

Professor Jung Ik-Joong of the Department of Social Welfare won the Service Merit Medal at the 100th Children's Day ceremony organized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, held on May 4, in recognition of his contribution to promoting the rights of children and adolescents.

Professor Jung worked as a member of the task force (TF) of the Korean Children Forum for more than 10 years and has been serving as an advisor and chairperson for government ministries and child-related organizations. These experiences led him to be honored with this award in recognition of his dedication to promoting children’s rights, realizing children’s rights to participate, and contributing to the systematization of child welfare programs, including the effort to establish a protection and support system for child abuse and child poverty.

Professor Jung is an authority in the field of children and adolescents’ welfare, and has been conducting various studies in the field including child poverty, child abuse, juvenile delinquency, and children in shelters. Professor Jung won the academic award from the Korean Council for Children’s Rights in 2021, the award for excellent thesis from the Youth Mental Research Institute in 2020, the Minister prize from the Ministry of the Interior and Safety in 2019, the award for excellent thesis from the Korean Association of Youth Welfare in 2017, and the Minister prize from the Ministry of Health and Welfare twice in 2014 and 2017.

“I think this award means encouragement and support not only for me, but also for my students, fellow researchers, and hands-on workers in the field,” said Professor Jung.