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Ewha Research Team from Graduate School of Translation & Interpretation and Department of Computer Science & Engineering

  • Date2021.10.05
  • 632

Recently, a research team (Principal Investigator Prof. Ju-Ri-Ae Lee) from Graduate School of Translation & Interpretation (GSTI) and Department of Computer Science & Engineering was selected for National Research Foundation’s 2021 Basic Research Support Project, as Convergence Studies under the Directorate for Humanities & Social Sciences.


(From the Left) Prof.Ju-ri-ae Lee, Prof. Hye-kyung Park, Prof. Ji-bong Son, Prof. Hyun-seok Park, and Prof. Yoo-ran Oh 

The Project aims to support joint research beyond academic boundaries through convergence with science and technology, focusing on the humanities and social fields, and to create synergy effects and seek solutions to national and social problems.

The research team of Ewha was selected for this project under the theme of 'Building a Delivery Evaluation Platform and Utilization Study of Deep Learning-based Interpretation and Foreign Language Learning'. Professor Ju-ri-ae Lee (Korea-Japan major) of the GSTI will be in charge of the research as PI, while Professor Hye-kyung Park (Korea-Japan major), Professor Son Ji-bong (Korea-China major), Professor Hyun-seok Park and Professor Yoo-ran Oh of Computer Science Major at ELTEC College of Engineering are participating in the team. Accordingly, the research team will conduct research with the aim of establishing an interpretation evaluation platform applying AI deep-learning technology over the next three years. This research team will build a platform suitable for artificial-intelligence-based translation training and evaluation, and foreign language speech training. It will help to plan a convergence study of edu-tech that can be expanded not only through interpretation but also throughout the general foreign language learning industry.

Professor Lee Ju-ri-ae said, "this research group was started since it was selected for the Ewha Leading Convergence Research Support Project in 2020. Thanks to the school's encouragement and support of interdisciplinary convergence research, we are realizing convergence research between humanities interpretation and computer science.” She also added that, "in the meantime, researchers have been conducting research related to translation education, such as translation evaluation platform research, through new attempts to incorporate computer engineering technology into translation evaluation. In addition, as we have achieved the feat of being selected for the NRF project, we expect future research expansion and results.”