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Department of Korean Studies from Graduate School of International Studies, successfully Ends their ‘Bae-woom-yi-eum-teo

  • Date2021.08.10
  • 598

“It was a meaningful time that Korean language educators could communicate with each other, sharing knowledge and experiences nonetheless on an online platform.”

Recently, the Korean Language Center announced that the ‘2021 Bae-woom-yi-eum-teo(Learning and Delivering) Program for Korean Language Specialists Abroad’ of National Institute of the Korean Language was successfully completed. The program, hosted by Professor Hai Young Lee’s team from the Graduate School of International Studies, was prepared as a co-training session for masters and doctorate programs. 

The ‘Bae-woom-yi-eum-teo,’ greeting five-year anniversary this year, annually provides opportunities to enhance capacities as Korean language educators for foreign specialists who are teaching Korean language in universities and institutions abroad. In this year, 25 Korean language teachers from 15 countries participated in the program.

Korean and Korean Education courses were taught through video clips and real-time online learning, together with local seminars and divisional activities that may create mutual communication and networking opportunities for the participants. Moreover, the participants were provided with various chances to experience Korean culture such as Korean Seowon(ancient schools) and Pansori, which are UNESCO  world heritage. They could even try Mae-deup craftsmanship and drawing Dan-cheong patterns thanks to the DIY Culture Kits which were offered in advance. Thanks to those opportunities, the participants actively participated and responded to this year’s online program. 

Shalunova Maria, who is teaching Linguistic Studies at the Irkutsk State University, Russia, was also satisfied with the program. “I have been teaching Korean language for 16 years, but I always have wanted to approach systematically to Korean culture and history. I therefore applied to the program as soon as I found this program out,”

said Maria. She added that, “Specifically, I liked that I could actually experience Korean culture online. That was a new experience.” Also, professor Suwatmoongkun Somsanit from the Korean Language Department of Souphanouvong University showed big interest in the future of the program. He mentioned that, “As a Korean Language lecturer, it was an opportunity for me to enhance professional knowledge regarding teaching Lao people Korean language. 

묶음 개체입니다.

Mentioning the reason for planning this program, professor Hai Young Lee said that, “In order to hold a training session in an environment that seems like they are already in Korea even without coming to Korea, we have intentionally encouraged active participation in lectures and seminar activities.” She also emphasized that, “In particular, we wanted to promote our proud UNESCO World Heritage to the Korean language experts abroad and provide experience effects by experiencing Korean cultures.“ 

The special Training Program for Doctorate Program will also proceed for   3 weeks from upcoming August 2nd to 20th. Through this program, 7 specialists from universities abroad will be able to enhance their research abilities as Korean educators.