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Master's and Doctoral students of the Department of Physics won the Best Presentation Award at the "2020 The Korean Phys

  • Date2020.08.05
  • 1138

Master's and doctoral students the Department of Physics of this school won awards for excellence in oral (6 people) and posters (3 people).

(왼쪽부터) 권소영, 김예진, 김주란, 정예진, 제유경, Do Thi Nga 씨

So-young Kwon (Advisor: Professor Dong-Wook Kim), a doctoral student in physics who was selected as the winner of the oral presentation, made a presentation on an analysis of optical/electrical characteristics of plasmamonic phenomena two and three dimensional metal nanostructures. Ye-jin Kim(Advisor: Professor Seokhyun Yoon), a doctoral student, delivered a presentation on an analyzing the phase transition and structural changes of Perovskite with temperature through Raman spectroscopy. Ju-ran Kim(Advisor: Professor William Jo), an MD-PhD student, made presentations on identifying the positive effects of Na in flexible CZTSSe membranes and the role of Na in the membrane manufacturing. Ye-jin Jung(Advisor: Professor Donati Fabio), studying for a master's, made presentations on analyzing quantum properties for thin layer molecules with surface-sensitive electrospin resonance spectroscopy, respectively. Yu-kyung Jae(Advisor: Professor Sang Wook Lee), an MD-PhD student, gave a presentation on identifying the usability as an RF device by creating graphene nano-electrodynamic resonator. Do Thi Nga(Advisor: Professor Tae Hee Kim) provided a presentation on Analyzing interfacial of magnetic resistance of graphene spintronics.

(왼쪽부터) 김보라, 김진경, 송정은 씨

For the poster presenters, Bo-ra Kim(Advisor: Professor Dong-Wook Kim) in a master’s course gave a presentation on results from measuring the internal electric field distribution of epitaxially grown two-dimensional heterostructure over the sapphire substrate. Jin-kyung Kim(Advisor: Professor Heinrich Andreas), an MD-PhD student, has contributed to producing the Scanning Tunneling Microscope equipment incorporating electron spin resonance. She also presented results from measuring electron spin resonance of a single atom obtained by the equipment. Jeong-eun Song(Advisor: Professor Dong-Wook Kim) in a master’s course delivered a presentation on production of two- and three-dimensional hybrid nano structures, and differences on surface photo voltage of the structures to structural shapes.