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[General] [Ewha Voice] Photographer Recruitment(~9/15)

  • 작성처이화보이스
  • Date2021.09.01
  • 757

The school’s official English newspaper Ewha Voice is recruiting new photographers.

Ewha Voice was created in 1954, proudly standing as the first domestic university-based newspaper. 

1.    Privileges

-   Can experience life as a photojournalist

-   Will be paid commission for photos taken as cub reporter

-   Will be paid monthly salary & scholarship as staff reporter

2.    Qualifications

    Any Ewha students who can work at Ewha Voice for four semesters or more

-   Ability to use DSLR camera

-   Experience with creating card news

-   (Preferred) Ability to use photoshop / illustrator 

3.    Job Description

-   Will be accompanying reporters on interviews to take pictures

-   Will be submitting proposals and taking pictures accordingly

-   Will be writing necessary captions in English

-   Will be making various card news and uploading photos on Ewha Voice website

4.    Application timeline

-   Resume & Portfolio deadline: 9/15 8 p.m.

-   Interview: 9/16~17 (specific schedules will be noted individually) 

5.    Required application form

-   Resume file from ‘Board’ on Ewha Voice’s website (http://evoice.ewha.ac.kr) 

-   Photo portfolio 

-  (optional) “Card news” (design templates)

6.    Send all your application files to evoice@ewha.ac.kr 

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