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[Academic] Grades Submission/Grade Appeal Schedule(Summer Semester of the Academic Year 2020)

  • 작성처교무처 학적팀
  • Date2020.07.21
  • 3862

1. Timeline for Submitting Grades 

  (1) Period for Entering Grades: 2020.7.27 (Mon) 10:00 ~ 7.30 (Thu) 23:59

  (2) Period for Students to Check their Grades: 

      As soon as the professor confirms the grades after 2020.7.27 (Mon) ~ 

    ★ A confirmation alert message will be sent to the students’ EWHA HOME application as soon as the grades are confirmed 

        If you are an iphone user, please be cautious, as the EWHA HOME applicationi push alert message might not be sent 

        for certain iphone users.

  (3) Period for Grade Appeal: 

      As soon as the professor confirms the grades after 2020.7.27 (Mon) 10:00 ~ 7.31 (Fri) 17:00 

  (4) Period for Grade Correction: Upon grade confirmation ~ 2020.8.3 (Mon) 17:00 

2. Guidelines for Grade Appeal Procedures 

  1) Grade Appeal system 

   The responsible professor enters and confirms the grades and if a student finds the given grade to be different from 

    expectations, the student may submit an objection to the professor, who may then review and directly correct 

    the relevant grade in the case of an incorrect grading made due to a clerical error. 

  2) Procedures for Grade Appeal 

Entering / 

confirming grades 

Grade Appeal 

Grade Correction Request 




Withdraw confirmation 

Grade Correction 

View my grades 

of this semester 




  3) Notes to students

  - Submit the appeal directly to your professor within the prescribed period. Use the contact information provided in 

    advance. (Due to personal privacy issues, please avoid contacting professors during late hours)

  - Enter your valid contact details in Korea into Eureka otherwise you may not be notified of grade-related information. 

  - Please be cautious when requesting a grade objection, since the request will be not accepted without apparent clerical 

     errors. (Data Error, Entry Error, Paper Error, Calculation Error, Grading Error, Name Error, Other) 

  - Your grade is subject to change due to another student’s grade appeal even if you did not make an appeal yourself, 

    since the distribution range per letter grade is determined based on the relative evaluation system.  

    Please check your final grades again after the end of the Grade Correction period(by August 3). 

  - You can receive academic information more efficiently by installing the “EWHA HOME” application in your smart phone. 

  4) Timeline of AY2020 Summer semester 

    - Grade Appeal Period: After grade confirmation ~ 17:00, July 31

    - Grade Correction Check: Available once the grade correction is confirmed by the Professor(Deadline: 17:00  August 3).



Grade entry deadline 

Grade Appeal deadline 

Grade Correction 


Entering/confirming grades 


July 30, 23:59

Grade Appeal


July 31, 17:00 

Grade Correction 


August 3, 17:00