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Talent Entrusted by God for Others

  • Date2022.11.03
  • 6260
Pi Sang-soon (Department of Medicine, graduating class of 1984)

Alumna Pi Sang-soon (Department of Medicine, graduating class of 1984) donated a total of KRW 100 million, KRW 50 million each to the “Ewha Vision 2030+ Development Fund” and the “Ewha Medical Development Fund.” Alumna Pi has made consistent donations to the development funds and scholarships at Ewha, amounting to KRW 270 million in total to date.

Sharing is to have the right relationship with God

Alumna Pi Sang-soon received a scholarship each semester during her time studying at Ewha. She looked back on her life at Ewha and realized that she had the love and support of those around her. “Ewha showered me with love during my time there, which naturally led me to believe that my way of sharing is to return the love and attention that I received.” Alumna Pi expressed her belief that sharing opens up the mind and fills the heart with joy.

Her special philosophy of sharing was formed by lessons from her teachers including the principal of her high school, Ms. Pyo Gyeong-hui at the Vocational Guidance Center, Pastor Kim Heung-ho at the University Church, her academic advisor Professor Park Min-cheol, and the Buddhist monk Ven. Beop Jeong. “My principal told me that the talents or gifts given to us are not just for our own sake, but rather entrusted to us by God to be used for others. After hearing those words, I searched and listened to the sermons and lectures of Pastor Kim at the University Church to understand what was entrusted to me by God. Pastor Kim explained that sharing is to have the right relationship with God. Thanks to the lessons from her teachers, alumna Pi continues to share and do volunteer work to find the reason for her existence as entrusted by God.