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Sowing the Seed of Sharing in the Name of Motherhood

  • Date2022.09.29
  • 5742
Chung Ok Hyun (Nursing Science, graduating class of 1967)

Alumna Chung Ok Hyun (Nursing Science, graduating class of 1967), who resides in San Diego, USA, made an additional donation of USD 50,000 each to the “Shin Sil Choi Scholarship” and the “Hyun Sook Ryu Nursing Scholarship” for Ewha nursing students. Alumna Hyun, whose donations to date reach a total of around KRW 1 billion, continues to donate to the two scholarships.

On the joy of sharing, peace, and a life of gratitude

Alumna Chung Ok Hyun had the dream of launching a scholarship named after her mother. “My mother allowed me to start a life based on a solid foundation of faith. She always trusted her children. Her trust and encouragement gave me a great deal of strength as I lived through this world.” In 2003, when she retired from the University of Michigan Hospital where she had worked as a nurse for 32 years, she was able to finally realize her dream: she began sponsoring the “Shin Sil Choi Scholarship,” named after her mother’s name, to benefit her and her mother’s alma mater of Ewha in 2004. In 2010, she founded the “Hyun Sook Ryu Nursing Scholarship” as a tribute to her mother-in-law, who was a devout Christian. Alumna Hyun continues to donate with the goal of raising a total of USD 1 million, USD 500,000 each for the “Shin Sil Choi Scholarship” and the “Hyun Sook Ryu Nursing Scholarship.” In this regard, her efforts to share donations remain an ongoing, lifelong enterprise.

Thinking back to the past when her own scholarship at Ewha relieved the financial burden of tuition fees from her father, who was a teacher, she explained that this was the reason why she wished to establish a scholarship for Ewha students. “I received so much from Ewha. Now I would like to return the favor somehow. Being educated at Ewha is a privilege and a blessing. I hope that Ewha students remember this favor and grow into people who can share with their neighbors in many different ways.”