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New Spaces in the Ewha Campus for a New Semester

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  • Date2023.03.14
  • 28649

Newly opened living and learning spaces are adding vitality to an Ewha campus bustling with students as a new semester begins. Ewha Womans University pushed ahead with a campus environmental improvement project during vacation to provide smart teaching and learning environments and improve campus convenience for students as they start a new semester.

Student Cafeteria Reopened with a Brand-new Look

국제기숙사에 새롭게 문을 여는 학생식당The renewed Student Cafeteria opened in Ewha-Samsung Institutional House (Building C) on March 20. The Office of General Administration (Vice President Dukyoo Jung) relocated the Student Cafeteria from the Human Ecology Building to Ewha-Samsung Institutional House after its operation was suspended due to a refurbishment project for the Human Ecology Building and as a Covid-19 countermeasure. The cafeteria opened with a new look designed to provide a more comfortable environment.

This new cafeteria provides convenience not only for students living in the dormitories, but also to others using buildings located on the west side of the campus such as the International Education Building, Ewha-Shinsegae Hall, Ewha-SK Telecom Center, and Ewha-Samsung Education Culture Building. It also provides easy access to students participating in a range of intramural activities because of its location near Welch-Ryang Auditorium and the Student Union.

In addition, the Office of General Administration is supporting Ewha through other means such as opening a large café in the International Education Building and normalizing the operating hours of the food court at the ECC to improve campus life during the new semester.

Ewha Learning Space, or the Flexible Learning Space, Opened

A number of open learning lounges have been prepared for the new semester. The Center for Teaching and Learning, part of the University Innovation Support Project, has been improving underutilized areas on campus such as hallways and lobbies to create spaces for learning activities, interactions, and media use. It also built open-style learning lounges in Science Building D and on the second floor of the Asan Engineering Building over the last vacation.종합과학관D동 유연학습공간The lounge located on the second basement level of Science Building D has been transformed into a flexible learning space that students can use to learn and perform group activities in different rooms designed for individuals and groups. The space on the second floor of the Asan Engineering Building has also been renovated into a bright and trendy space with more than 20 seats, including individual study rooms, bar tables, and sofa-style seats. Both spaces were specially designed to provide easy access to electric power to learners using their own smart media. The center has a plan to support efficient and convenient learning for students by expanding “Ewha Learning Spaces” tailored to each college and building in several ways, including by surveying demand in the future.아산공학관 2층 유연학습공간

The University Library Learning Environment Becomes Smarter and More Convenient

With support from the University Innovation Support Project, the University Library has transformed the Audiovisual Archive located on the first floor into the Media Stage complex where IT, media, and electronic devices are freely available.중앙도서관 1층 미디어 스테이지

중앙도서관 5층 학습공간Moreover, the reading space of the Science and Technology Archive on the fifth floor has been refurbished. The space has been reborn as a more pleasant place through a full rearrangement of the Science and Technology Archive, including expanding user spaces by relocating bookcases and now offers learners a view of the Ewha campus. It was reimagined as a more user-friendly place with stand-alone learning spaces by expanding equipment for IT and electronic devices and by replacing existing furniture.

Ewha has devised the development strategy of “Ewha Vision 2030+” and is promoting multiple projects to pursue its “A Creative and Innovative Platform Leading to a Sustainable Society” vision. For this year it plans to support students taking on challenges and experiencing success within the campus by focusing on the third objective of Ewha Vision 2030+, “enhancing support for students for their future aspirations and improving the campus environment,” and by accelerating several projects, including establishing integrated supportive service tailored to students and expanding the self-employment support system.