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2022 New Student Convocation and Welcome Program for Freshmen Held

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  • Date2022.03.02
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2022 New Student Convocation and Welcome Program for Freshmen Held

Ewha held the 2022 convocation ceremony for new students at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium at 10 a.m. on February 25 (Fri.) and welcomed a total of 3,495 freshmen. The ceremony was livestreamed on the school’s official YouTube channel (youtube.com/ewhauniv), attracting significant attention with around 2,000 concurrent viewers and 15,000 views in total.

온라인 입학식 스케치 사진

The event proceeded in the order of the Korean pledge of allegiance, a hymn recital, a scripture reading and prayer, a convocation speech by the president, introductions of faculty members in key administrative positions, a performance by a school choir composed of male professors of Ewha, the freshman oath, the school anthem, and benediction.

President Eun Mee Kim delivered a message to freshmen as they begin their time at Ewha from March, citing the phrase “Stay awake and be courageous” from a bible verse. President Kim also prepared an English congratulatory address to extend her welcome to new international students, remarking, “Since its establishment 136 years ago as Korea’s first educational institution for women, Ewha has constantly led changes in our society by breaking the wall of prejudice against the women and taking many first steps,” and added, “I hope that you, now as Ewha students, will find strength and courage based on solid faith in yourselves and Ewha.”

남성교수중창단, 신입생선서 사진

The remarks were followed by introductions of faculty members in key administrative positions, such as the Vice President, the Dean of the Graduate School, and Deans of Colleges, and a congratulatory performance by the male professors’ choir. Subsequently, the freshman representatives, Choi Da-hyeon of the Division of AI Convergence and Shohona Safarova of the ELTEC College of Engineering, who is an Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP) participant, took the freshman oath, pledging to grow their great talents as proud members of Ewha. This year, a total of 3,495 new students including 74 international students and 120 freshmen of the College of Pharmacy began their undergraduate journey at Ewha. The undergraduate freshmen will enjoy their campus life for four years as a member of one or two of 75 departments across 15 colleges (including the Division of AI Convergence). Ewha accepted a total of 197 new international students including transfer and graduate students from 34 countries, including ten (five undergraduate and five general graduate students) EGPP scholarship recipients from seven countries. The EGPP is Korea’s first full scholarship program that was launched in 2006 to nurture talented women from the developing world, and the program has since selected a total of 305 students from 45 countries as its scholarship recipients and produced 208 graduates to date. 

After the convocation ceremony, a welcome program for the 2022 intake of freshmen, titled “Welcome to Ewha – Welcome Ewha Café,” was aired on YouTube. The video of the event, hosted by the SBS News producer Lee Eun-jae (History, graduating class of 2016) with a panel of four enrolled students and an alumna as a special guest, drew attention with 17,000 views on YouTube.