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Future and AI Invented by Ewha

  • 작성처
  • Date2021.09.02
  • 1700

Future and AI Invented by Ewha

With Ewha’s declaration of the Ewha Vision 2030+ development plan under the aim to become a university with the highest standard of competitiveness on the path toward becoming a “Creative and Innovative Platform Leading to a Sustainable Society,” the school’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) education and research projects are picking up the pace under the goal of creative research and education innovation.

President Kim Eun Mee expressed her resolution for Ewha to spearhead the AI sector at an event for Ewha members ahead of the new semester. She also emphasized, “Ewha must take the lead in improving women’s access to the AI field and developing AI algorithms with gender sensitivity by strengthening AI capabilities, which is considered to be one of the most important areas in the era of the Fourth Industrial Resolution,” and unveiled her intent to expedite AI research and education, stating “Ewha is a well-rounded university across all academic fields, which means it is able to benefit humanity through AI technology by utilizing its strengths such as engineering capabilities centered on the development of core AI technology as well as in-depth convergent research on matters related to social issues, norms, regulations, and accountabilities caused by the rise of AI.”

Newly established this year, the Artificial Intelligence major of the Division of AI Convergence will recruit new students from the 2022 academic year onward. Ewha is planning to establish undergraduate college courses related to AI and drive changes toward creating a hyper-intelligent and hyper-connected society. The Artificial Intelligence major is expected to contribute to addressing the high-quality labor shortage that is currently facing industries through interdepartmental and interdisciplinary convergent research. Ewha aims to nurture extraordinarily talented women in key fields that will lead the future society through its Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Track and the Department of Computational Medicine launched at its graduate school last year to reinforce core competencies in areas such as big data and AI, along with the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence major.

Ewha is also playing a prominent part in AI-related key projects. Ewha’s Graduate School of Education and the Center for Future Education Research were exclusively selected to operate the Research Center for AI Convergence Education for another year, proving Ewha’s extraordinary competence in guiding AI education.

The Ministry of Education initiated the Open Recruitment Program for the AI Convergent Education and Research Supporting Center in 2020 to lay a foundation for AI convergent education and appointed Ewha as its exclusive operating institution. The AI Convergent Education and Research Supporting Center provides AI convergent education degree programs with the participation of 1,000 teachers selected from 41 graduate schools of education across the country, while offering relevant policy support for 17 metropolitan and provincial offices of education and conducting research to accelerate AI convergent education at elementary, middle, and high schools. In recognition of the successful implementation of the program during its first year, the AI Convergent Education and Research Supporting Center was rated “excellent” in the performance evaluation performed by the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education and chosen as the sole AI convergent education and research supporting center for its second year of implementation.

Computer Science & Engineering of ELTEC College of Engineering (Principal Investigator: Professor Min Dong-bo) will participate as a joint research institution for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Hub Project and carry out research titled “Self-evolving AI Based on Various Hardware (Robots/Drones)” with the financial support of 2.7 billion KRW in total for the next five years (July 1, 2021, to December 31, 2025).

The AI Innovation Hub Project is a program designed to integrate AI research capabilities accumulated by local universities, companies and research centers, and establish a national research framework equipped with global competitiveness by creating an open AI research environment. Ewha is assigned to Research Group 2 along with Seoul National University, Kyung Hee University, Sungkyunkwan University, UNIST and Chonnam National University, and is conducting research on the theme of “Self-evolving AI Based on Various Hardware (Robots/Drones).” The project involves a number of Computer Science and Engineering faculty members at Ewha and aims to develop AI that is capable of self-improvement through various hardware-related optimizations. The Computer Science and Engineering major is carrying out research on the theme of “AI in Action (AiA): Autonomous Behavior Planning AI” upon being chosen for the 2021 Basic Research Laboratory project supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National Research Foundation of Korea in June this year. With its recent selection as a joint research institution for the AI Innovation Hub Project, the department is expected to take the lead in computer science and engineering-based AI research.

With the rising profile of various projects and achievements to pioneer the AI field, Ewha is also actively promoting programs to achieve the five goals of Ewha Vision 2030+ from the upcoming semester onward, such as the Frontier 10–10 Project that aims to help Ewha grow as a research-oriented university, the launch of R&D Planning Headquarters, the development of new Ewha education model and the establishment of special graduate schools for high-tech fields.