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Fall 2020 Commencement Ceremony Held Online

  • 작성처
  • Date2021.08.27
  • 2706

Fall 2020 Commencement Ceremony Held Online

Ewha hosted the Fall 2020 Commencement Ceremony online on August 27 (Fri) and graduated a total of 2,400 students, conferring a bachelor’s degree for 1,424 students, a master’s degree for 858 students and a doctoral degree for 118 students. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the commencement ceremony for this year was also held online by streaming a pre-recorded video clip through the school’s YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/ewhauniv).

Vice President Shin Ha-yoon of the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs presided over this year’s ceremony, which took place in the order of a scripture reading and prayer by Rev. Ahn Sun-hee (University Chaplain), a report on academic affairs by the Vice President for the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs, a speech by the President, congratulatory remarks by Professor Emeritus Chang Pil-wha, benediction, and a recital of the school anthem.

Through her remarks, President Kim Eun Mee proposed the new school vision of “A Creative and Innovative Platform Leading to a Sustainable Society” and pledged that “Ewha will boldly stand against the various challenges imposed by this new era and continue to grow further by turning crises into opportunities as we did in the past.” She blessed the new graduates on the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, adding “Ewha will always be praying and waiting for you here.”

The remarks were followed by a congratulatory address by Professor Emeritus Chang Pil-wha, who has dedicated her life as a first-generation women’s studies scholar for 37 years since her appointment as the first professor at the Department of Women’s Studies, which was established at Ewha in 1984 as the first of its kind in Asian universities. Professor Emeritus Chang extended her congratulations to the graduates who were set to bid farewell to the Ewha campus in order to venture out into the wider world, remarking “Failing to achieve a certain goal doesn’t mean that you’ve failed in life. It simply means that a new opportunity has opened for you to walk down a different path.” She also encouraged the graduates, commenting “As long as you have the resilience to recover from failure, you will always be able to take on new challenges and walk toward creating the ideal world of your aspirations.”

Meanwhile, this year’s graduating class includes Jeon Jeong-ja (Human Movement Studies) who was readmitted to the school after the abolition of the ban on student marriage. Jeon, who was the oldest graduate this year, completed her courses after re-entering the school in March 2019 to continue her study, which was suspended when she became married as a sophomore. The youngest graduate was Kweon Na-gyeong, who completed all courses of the Elementary Education major within three and a half years and graduated early at the age of 21. In addition, six EGPP (Ewha Global Partnership Program) scholarship recipients from Vietnam, China and Thailand also received their diplomas. The EGPP is Ewha’s female talent-nurturing program that provides full tuition and living expenses to female students selected from developing countries. EGPP graduates are expected to demonstrate the educational capabilities that they accumulated at Ewha in Korea or after returning to their home country based on their academic excellence.