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Research Results

Ewha Faculty Showcases World-Class Research Capacity

photoResearch Team Led by Prof. Lee Hyukjin Publishes Paper on International Journal Chemical Communications

The research team led by Professor Lee Hyukjin of Ewha College of Pharmacy succeeded in developing a manufacturing method to mitigate the high costs and maximize the treatment effect of the existing synthetic genetic treatments.


The team’s achievement was based on the successful delivery of siRNA, which is expected to facilitate the mass production of anticancer genetic treatments. The research results were published on October 2 as a feature article in Chemical Communications, a renowned international journal in chemistry.  


photoResearch Team of Prof. Kwon Jongbum Lays Foundation for Developing New Anticancer Medicine with BAP1 Genes

The research team led by Professor Kwon Jongbum of Ewha’s Department of Life Sciences laid the foundation for developing a new type of anticancer medicine by identifying the action mechanism of BAP1, the protein that assists the accurate replication of DNA.


The research paper was published on the October 6 online edition of Nature Communications, with Professor Kwon as the corresponding author and Dr. Lee Han-Sae, a graduate of Ewha’s Department of Life Sciences, as the primary author.