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Research Results

Research Team Led by Professor Yeo Chang-Yeol Publishes Paper in the international journal Cell

photoUnder the leadership of Professor Yeo Chang-Yeol of the Department of Life Science at Ewha Womans University, an international joint research team reported a discovery in the study of protein tyrosine kinase, an enzyme whose function is to control the extracellular matrix. This research outcome is anticipated to pave the way for understanding biological processes such as fibrosis or cancer metastasis.


The research article on this discovery was published in Cell, a prestigious global bioscience journal, and entitled “A Secreted Tyrosine Kinase Acts in the Extracellular Environment,” with Prof. Yeo as the first author and a researcher of the team, Yum Jina, as the second author. Prof. Yeo announced that his team had discovered that vertebrate lonesome kinase (VLK), necessary for mouse bone and lung development, is a secreted tyrosine kinase.


Prof. Yeo said, “It gives me great pleasure to see the publication of this study in the world-renowned journal Cell as a featured article, which testifies to the outstanding nature of our scientific discovery.” He stressed the significance of this study and added, “I hope that greater understanding of VLK activity in vivo will contribute to subsequent studies on genetic disorders and progress in the treatment thereof.”


The research, conducted by the joint team led by Prof. Yeo at Ewha and Prof. Malcom Whitman from Harvard School of Dental Medicine, was funded by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning as part of the Mid-career Researcher Program and the Advanced Research Center Program, and under the New-Generation BioGreen 21 Program by the Rural Development Administration.