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Research Results

Ewha Chemistry & Nano Science Research Team Publishes Paper in Scientific Reports

“Inorganic Nanovehicle Targets Tumor in an Orthotopic Breast Cancer Model,” whose lead author is Choi Goeun, a doctoral student in the Department of Chemistry & Nano Science at Ewha Womans University (dissertation advisor: Choy Jin-Ho), was published in Scientific Reports, a sister paper of a world-renowned academic journal Nature, on March 21.

Choi Goeun is a member of the Chemistry & Nano Science research team led by Professor Choy Jin-Ho, a corresponding author of the paper. The team developed a delivery system that helps minimize toxicity and enhances therapeutic efficacy when even a low dosage of chemotherapeutic agent is injected. It is a development of an inorganic nanovehicle that can minimize the toxicity of a conventional chemotherapeutic agent. If this study leads to the development of a new drug, then low-toxic chemotherapy that exhibits superior efficacy through a dozens of times lower dosage than the conventional one could be possible.

Through the publication of the paper in Scientific Reports by Professor Choy’s research team, the outstanding research capacity of Ewha’s Department of Chemistry & Nano Science has been recognized again, and Ewha continues to conduct research that opens new avenues in the field of science and technology.