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Research Results

Ewha takes the 1st place in ‘the Leiden ranking 2013’ among korean universities.

Ewha ranks first among Korea’s domestic universities following POSTECH and KAIST in ‘the Leiden ranking 2013’, which evaluates the quality of the theses of 500 major universities worldwide.

Ewha confirmed its status as a global research-centered university, occupying 1st place this year and 2nd place last year among Korean universities.

The combination of faculty who strive for world class research and education, passionate students and Ewha’s efforts contributed to its status in the Leiden ranking.

‘The Leiden ranking’ is the evaluation index provided each year by Leiden University in The Netherlands. It is regarded as a more objective and advanced indicator than many other rankings. It concentrates on scientific performance by measuring universies’ research citation scores without relying on highly subjective data such as reputation surveys. ‘The Leiden Ranking 2013’ is based on the total number of papers among the top 10% of most-cited research papers published between 2008-2011. It means that ‘the higher a university’s Leiden rank is, the higer proportion of the outstanding theses it has.’

Korea's Universities Ranking

R 2013 2011/2012
1 Ewha Seoul N..
2 Sungkyunkwan Ewha
3 Seoul N.. Chonbuk N..
4 Chonbuk N. Yonsei.
5 Ulsan. Korea

This is not the first time that Ewha takes 1st place in an evaluation of universities. Ewha ranked first in the number of citations per thesis in the Joseon QS World University Rankings among domestic private universities (ranking 2nd among domestic universities) in 2012. Ewha was also ranked 1st among domestic universities in the qualitative assessment of research papers posted in Science Citation Index by Korean universities.  

Ewha has operated the ‘Ewha Global Top 5’ as a project to develop research competence since 2011. It invests 100,000,000 won (about 100,000 USD) to develop specialized fields of study to lead Ewha’s path to becoming a global leader among universities. In 2011 Ewha also signed a joint Research and Development agreement with Solvay, an international chemical company based in Belgium, to expand research opportunities and cultivate global women talents in the field of science. The construction of the R&D (Research & Development) center will be completed in December 2013, and Solvay has invested $21,500,000 toward the collaboration. Additionally, basic science research will be conducted by IBS(Institute of Basic Science) with the aid of Korea’s government, which has commiteed 10 billion won (one million USD) in funds each year for 10 years, for a total of 100 billion won (10 million USD). These supports and collaborations are expected to contribute to the higher scientific achievement of Ewha.