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Ewha produces the highest number of women executives in top 100 companies

Ewha produces the highest number of women executives in top 100 companies
According to results of a study investigating from which university women executives of Korea's top 100 companies have graduated, Ewha has the highest number female executive alumnae, surpassing Seoul National University.
According to '2013 women executives of top 100 listed companies and KOSDAQ top 100 enterprises' academic background report' released on February 20th by UnicoSearch, a company specializing in headhunting, 16 of 114 women executives from 33 corporations were graduates of Ewha (14% of the total). In the previous study from 2011, Ewha ranked 2nd (9 alumnae) after Seoul National University (14 alumnae), demonstrating its strength as the cradle of women leaders.
The results of the report on female executives in top 100 companies revealed 10 companies with 13 female executives in 2004; 13 companies with 22 female executives in 2006; 21 companies with 51 female executives in 2010; and 30 companies with 76 female executives in 2011. In 2012, the number of female executives in the top 100 companies surpassed 100 for the first time. The more than 40% from 2011 to 2012 indicates a consistent and rapid increase in the number of women executives.
In particular, Ewha's English Language & Literature major was highlighted for producing the greatest number of women executives within a single major. Four alumnae executives in top 100 companies hold degrees from Ewha in English Language & Literature: Shim Suok ('84), Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics Co; Park Gyeonghui ('90), Vice President of Samsung Securities Co.; Lee Deoksun ('89) Vice President of KT Corporation; and  Jang Seongok ('81), Vice President of Hyosung.
Of the top 100 companies included in the report, KT Corporation had the highest number of women executives, numbering 26 in total. In February 2013, during new personnel appointments, KT promoted women into 30% of directorial positions, including Ewha alumnae Choi Eunhui (Political Science & International Relations,'87) and Song Huigyeong (Computer Science, '87).
In addition, Internet business enterprises such as Naver and Daum are actively engaging women leaders. They feature women executives including Min Yunjeong (English Language & Literature, '87), New Business Department Director in Daum; Kim Miyeong (Computer Science, '94), President of Socialinus; and Chae Yura (Korean Language & Literature '91), President of Orangecrew, a subsidiary company of Naver.