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Research Results

Opening Ceremony of Research Center for Cellular Homeostasis

Ewha’s Department of Life Science Strengthens Status as an International Leader Through Cutting-Edge Research 

Ewha’s Research Center for Cellular Homeostasis (Head: Professor Young-dae Yoon), which was designated a leading research center by Korea’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) in August 2012, held an opening ceremony on February 8th (Friday). 

The center will begin its research supported by funding of KRW 9 billion over the course of seven years (KRW 1.3 billion per year) from the government. 

‘Cellular homeostasis’ is a basic regulating mechanism for life. Ewha’s RCCH was established to better understand cellular homeostasis and related diseases through the study of organic association among autophagy, inflammation, and apoptosis.  

The RCCH will examine problems with the regulation of cellular homeostasis from the perspectives of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Cell Biology in order to study inflammation and experiment with the use of apoptosis on malfunctioning cells, ultimately eliminating proteins and small organs that fail to achieve homeostasis.      

Ewha has designated ‘Life Science’ as a specialized field and has dedicated special support to it since 1997, carrying out research projects at the Center for Cell Signaling and Drug Discovery Research in 1998, BK21 in 1999, Ministry of Education in 2003 and 2004, National Core Research Center (NCRC) in 2006, and BK in 2007. Ewha will continue to produce leading research in Life Science with the opening of RCCH and its appointment as a leading research center.