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Empowering Education Support Project Chooses Ewha as Support Recipient

“Empowering Education Support Project” Chooses Ewha as Support Recipient

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology University (hereinafter MEST) has selected Ewha as a recipient of the higher education capacity building project designed to lend support to top universities in Korea.

The "Empowering Education Support Project" will provide training and capacity building programs, using selected indicators within university education, competence and performance to measure the impact of the project. The university received funding to support the development of self-empowerment strategies that will allow the education business to operate more autonomously.

The ministry selected 97 schools, including Ewha, from an initial list of 143 applications. Selection criterion included average college tuition per student, enrollment size, employment, and other education indicators. As a result of the support, Ewha will allocate 2.462 billion won (USD2.4 million) this year to help students' career development and launch a variety of capacity building programs.