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Ewha Selected the Best University for Hosting Foreign Students

Ewha Selected the Best University for Hosting Foreign Students

Ewha has been selected the best university for its capacity to host and maintain foreign students by the evaluation carried by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

The evaluation was initiated to strengthen the quality of hosting foreign students. The number of the foreign students studying in Korea has increased and reached the total of 90 thousand a year. 347 universities were evaluated through quantity evaluation and some excellent cases have been evaluated through field evaluations. Ewha is known to have achieved high scores in every categories of the evaluation.

Ewha has been ranked the upper 5% of the Korea universities in the ratio of students participating in outbound programs and exchange programs. Ewha was recognized for providing complete system to invite excellent students through well informed curriculum and actual syllabus to the potential visiting foreign students. Ewha also newly established the Global Service Center for the foreign faculty and students providing information of corporate internship programs and presentations for entering the graduate schools.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology intends to set up a good standard in hosting and maintaining foreign students through this evaluation, thus enhancing the quality of the maintenance of the foreign students and motivating other universities to benchmark model cases.