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Ewha Selected as the Best University Library...

Ewha Selected as the Best University Library from '2010 University Library Evaluation'

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology selected Ewha University Library one of the best libraries in the '2010 University Library Evaluation'. Ewha is awarded with the Minister Award and is supported with sixty million won to purchase the international academic research library.

This evaluation was held to enhance the quality of the provided services of the university libraries nationwide and 58 universities participated in the evaluation. The libraries were evaluated based on its operation and measuring index on the first level and user satisfactory on the second level. Ten outstanding universities were selected.

Ewha was evaluated the best in the category of 'strengthening the contents and roles of 'university information intelligence center'. This reflects the service quality of the production of the library.

The University Library collects, preserves, and provides research results produced by Ewha Womans University using 'dCollection EWHA' which is an on-line storage that collects and preserves and distributes the academic documents of organizations. In addition, The Library services online digitalized antique books and preserves the original copies, providing diversity of contents.

In addition, Ewha University Library provides online web-site services that enhance the accessibility to the library contents through 'Google scholar', 'Naver professional information service', and other online services.