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Ewha Top 10 News of the Year 2009

The year 2009 has reached the end. The year 2009 was full of delightful news. The Office of Communications has selected the Top 10 news of the year.

Ewha ranked 4th among universities in Korea and
42nd among universities in Asia this year, boasting
excellent research quality and degree of globalization
from Asia's university evaluation compiled by the
Chosun Ilbo and global university evaluation institute
QS of the U.K.  

Ewha ranked 4th among Korean universities in the number of selected projects of WCU(World Class University) Project announced by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology this year. Research and lectures at Ewha are expected to reach that of international levels following its selection as a WCU project, making the university a hub for human networks connecting home and abroad.

Ewha has signed exchange partnerships with the universities in major cities of the world including Hong Kong, Singapore, Berlin, and Frankfurt. Ewha has established global campus network in 18 cities by this year. The global campus network is a part of 'Global Ewha 2010 Project', which is building Ewha's exclusive knowledge networks with universities in major cities of the world. In addition, Ewha has strengthened exchanges with prestigious universities like Harvard and Cambridge.  

Ewha has hosted a series of events to remember Mary Fletcher
Scranton, the founder of Ewha, who passed away one hundred years
ago, on October 8, 1909. Scranton memorial chapels, a memorial
services, and an academic symposium were prepared to observe the
works of Mary F. Scranton and commemorate the spirit of Scranton
who has sowed a seed for the poor and the sick in Korea.  

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton held a town hall
meeting with 2,000 Ewha Students on February 20 at the
Welch-Ryang Auditorium. Secretary Clinton received the title,
'Distinguished Honorary Ewha Fellow' from Ewha on that day
for her extraordinary contributions to the cause of human rights and the protection of the interests of women, children, and the family. 


The year 2009 can also be called the year of Nobel scholars at Ewha. Professor George F. Smoot, Robert H. Grubbs, Le Clezio, Muhammed Yunus, Jose Ramos Horta, and Rigoberta Menchu visited Ewha and gave lectures to the students.


In March 2009, Ewha has newly opened a service called the 'Tuition Fee Ombudsman Service' to support students who are in desperate need of help for paying tuition fee. The prospective recipients include students who are living on the minimum wage as well as whose household is under bankruptcy.


Warm hearted Ewha students helped a lot of underprivileged
people and moved our hearts. A volunteer group, 'A-ga
Ppoppo' has been volunteering to foster the children at Holt
Children's Services. Some students gathered to plan the
'Happy Wedding Project' and held a wedding ceremony for
foreign labor workers who could not afford such ceremony.  

Many programs were held as a part of Ewha Renaissance Project' this year. 'The Historic Site Exploration with the President' was held in October. In addition, two classes, ‘Meeting the Leaders of Today’ and 'Special Lectures on Culture and Arts' were opened for students and provided series of special lectures of the leaders of today. 

Ewha has launched the 'Ewha Brand Power Campaign' and the
'Ewha With You' campaign this year to boost up the morale of the
members of Ewha.