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Research Results

Ewha Ranks 1st in Leiden Ranking for Three Consecutive Years Among Korean Universities

Ewha Womans University ranked 1st in Korean universities in the Leiden Ranking 2015 among 750 other universities around the world. Ewha maintained its top ranking since 2013.

The Leiden Ranking which was announced by the Leiden University in the Netherlands, was determined by careful evaluation of research papers published and cited during the last 4 years. This ranking is unique in that, in evaluation, it is using only Thomson Reuters Database, the world's leading source of intelligent information for professionals to evaluate papers, while other rankings are highly dependent upon a subject evaluation method i.e survey.

Ewha accounted for 1.3% of the top 1 percentile of most frequently cited papers, making it the 1st research university in Korea. According to field evaluations, Ewha ranked 1st in Physical Sciences and Engineering among other Korean universities.

Ewha has been able to maintain its top ranking thanks to the unwavering passion of faculty members and students for the world's best research and education, paired with the continuous support of university board members. Additionally, Ewha offers the best research infra such as University-Industry Cooperation Building and Ewha-Solvay R & I Center.